Roberto Rébora


Flujo Mundo

by Daniel Garza Usabiaga

In this exhibition, Roberto Rébora presents a selection of pictures from the Flujo Mundo series (World Flux; 2018-2019), alongside some pieces created back in the 1990s. In that decade, his work stormed a scene dominated by the usual neo-Mexicanisms’ formulas and themes like a breath of fresh air. His approach from those years...


(To Roberto Rébora’s book Materia y discurso de fe / Matter and Discourse of Faith)

by Philip Ball


by Gabriel Bernal Granados

In order to write these lines about Roberto Rébora’s most recent work, I’m consulting the book* that was published à propos his previous exhibition, Media Star, which gathers an outstanding series of critical texts written throughout the years about this painter’s work. First of all, I discover pictures that perhaps I had seen two years ago in person but now,...

Roberto Rébora: Recent Work 2013-2016

by Erik Castillo

Some Characteristics of Roberto Rébora’s Painting

by Eduardo Vázquez Martín

Line and Conflict

by Eduardo Milán

The Paintbrush’s Gestural Impulses

by Juan José Gurrola


by Jorge Contreras