Suite Tours Series


Tipografías | Typographies

During my career, I have circumscribed my profession to the practice of drawing and painting on traditional supports, paper or canvas. This exercise is no different, except that now I intervene, with the stroke and the colour, black and white photos, moments captured by the camera over 25 years of Taller Ditoria.

To oppose the rest energy of a text in moveable types, slow, reflective, to the energy in motion of the present, usually invasive, quick, fugacious

Flujo Mundo | World Flux

Fugue of figuration to return to painting’s primary elements: the colour, the line, the light

Mundo anterior | Previous world

We are anomalies within a constructive process halted or verified within a picture

Media Star

Luminous constructions figuration as spatial adherence

Papeles Montpellier | Montpellier Papers

Virtual, digital and mediatic system of webs

Inmaterial | Immaterial

Detaches from the strict figuration and articulate an indeterminate and suggestive image

Azules y Rojos | Blue and Red

Degradation of Eros: the human figure, a metaphor of a collective feeling


Chromatic vibrations and dynamism of a framework achieved through extensive experimentation with painting

Suite Cojín y Poetisa | Cushion Suite and Poetess

Representation and painting: emergence of experience and modes of presence of a subject

El Medio Inteligente | The Intelligent Medium

The rhythm of the painting and the intellectual sequences that animate it

La Niña Precoz | Precocious Girl

Caricature: cornerstone of the graphic sense in drawing and painting

Tres series | Three series

Imágenes de la Conquista | Images of the Conquest, Guerreros y Enemigos | Warriors and Enemies, and Figuras Atrapadas | Trapped Figures